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Glacier-climate processes Project

Research Group: Cryosphere & Climate

Shawn Marshall's research group is working towards improved predictive capacity for global-scale simulation of glacier and icefield response to climate change. This includes the development of simple models for snow and ice melt, snow distribution, and physically-based strategies for downscaling of large-scale climate fields. Improved quantitative understanding of glacier-climate interactions will contribute to a better forecast of future sea level rise and the impact of glacier decline on regional-scale hydrological resources. 

This study includes field-based glacier-climate studies on the Haig Glacier, Canadian Rockies (2000 to present), the Prince of Wales Icefield and Ellesmere Island, NU (2001 to present). Analyses of historical (NCEP) and future (GCM-based) synoptic system frequencies are also being related to surface weather patterns. In addition we are exploring the application of precipitation isotopes (deuterium and oxygen-18) in the Canadian Rockies snowpack to assess moisture provenance and to characterize the meteorological systems that govern the snowpack on the eastern slopes of the Rockies.

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