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GeoGSA (Geography Graduate Student Association) is a Departmental Student Association for graduate students in the Department of Geography. It is affiliated to the University of Calgary GSA.

What do we do?

GeoGSA is the representative for all Geography graduate students at the department level (we attend Faculty meetings and regularly meet with Department faculty and staff on student's behalf), and at the university level (we attend monthly Graduate Representative Council meetings with the GSA, and communicate to the GSA and other university representatives on your behalf).

We plan events to foster a sense of community and collaboration in the Department, as well as to make your time here better. We also share information on events, workshops and other things happening around campus or the greater community that you might be interested in.

Have ideas, suggestions, questions, concerns or complaints about anything? From courses, to defense-prep, funding to events and more, give us and shout and we'll do our best to help you out! Our email is:

To consult our bylaws and other administrative documents click here.

The executives for the 2015-2016 academic year are:

  • Kristina Miller, President
  • Sarah St. Germain, VP Internal
  • Dare Adeyemi, VP Thesis
  • Hugh Alvarez, VP MGIS
  • Danilo Borja, VP Student Life
  • Cammy Radloff, Social Events Coordinator

Kristina completed her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Toronto, double-majoring in Criminology and Physical Geography. She worked for a consultant in southern Ontario for a year after completing her BSc, but she missed school and research so much that in 2016 she moved across the country and started her MSc at the University in Calgary with Dr. Shawn Marshall. She studied hydrochemistry on Haig Glacier in the Kananaskis region. In 2018 she began a PhD with Dr. Brian Moorman. Kristina enjoys teaching and learning how others learn. Outside of school, she loves running, flying on airplanes, and hiking in the mountains. 


Sarah was born in Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories. She has always had a fascination with the north. In 2008, she began her BSc. at Carleton University in Ottawa. This is where she developed an interest in geomorphology, cold region hydrology, and permafrost. During her undergrad, Sarah worked for the Geodetic Survey Department of Natural Resources conducting high precision GPS measurements throughout Canada. In 2013, Sarah began her MSc. in the Geography Department at the University of Calgary under the supervisor of Dr. Brian Moorman. For her Master’s, she combined her passions of the north, fieldwork, and studied glacial hydrology. During the summer of 2014, she traveled to Bylot Island, Nunavut for her research and studied a small pulsating supraglacial stream on Fountain Glacier. Sarah is currently a second year PhD student continuing work with Dr. Brian Moorman. Her focus now has expanded to deeply incised supraglacial streams that have eroded canyons into Fountain Glacier. 


Welcome to my bio. I (Dare) am a second year M.A. student at the Department of Geography. Prior to my coming to the cold country of Canada, I had lived and studied in Nigeria. My research interest focus on the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 11- Sustainable Cities and Communities. I also enjoy making maps, volunteering, dancing, playing with children, sleeping, and eating meat. In my role as a VP-Thesis, I will conduct a scholarship application seminar and advocate that students should submit more scholarship application. This commitment is different from my main responsibility which is to advocate for all thesis student in the department. 

My name is Hugh Alvarez. Before I came to the University of Calgary to study in the Masters of Geographic Information Systems (MGIS) program, I was a Geology student at Mount Royal University. I came to the U of C to further my study of Geographic Information Systems, which I found to be quite useful during my undergraduate degree My academic fields of interest are in fields related to water, such as sustainability and flooding events, with my career interests lie in in resource management and disaster preparedness. As the VP of MGIS, my responsibility is to represent my program and meetings, assist with events hosted by GeoGSA, and to bring any issues that MGIS students have encountered with their programs. 



Danilo was born in the Andean city of Quito. He completed a BSc in Geographical and Environmental Engineering at the Armed Forces University ESPE, Ecuador. His growing interest in exploring the world and further understanding environmental impacts caused by extractive industries motivated him to undertake a MEng in Mineral Resources and Energy Engineering at Chonbuk National University (CBNU), South Korea. During this time, he worked on various research projects related to bioremediation at CBNU and the University of Capetown, South Africa. Danilo also has experience working with local communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon as a volunteer and as a professional geographer.

Danilo´s current research focuses on understanding the influence of science and informal social networks over policy and political learning within the Amazon context. For his Ph.D. project, Danilo envisions the application of interdisciplinary approaches combining political ecology and environmental monitoring methodologies.

Danilo is a frustrated soccer player that is always trying to bring the environment found in his favorite sport to every part of his life. As a result, he enjoys working in group and being involved in various activities. He joined GeoGSA and The Graduate College seeking to create a cohesive community among graduate students. The first thing he does in the morning is to cheer himself with some soccer-related chant.



Hi I’m Cammy, I am a South African doing my MSc in Biogeography. I study range shifts between grasslands and trees using soil science and plant microfossils, I am interested in this because it broadens ecology by analyzing changes through space and time. I come from a small town called Pietermaritzburg on the east coast of South Africa, but I grew up travelling the world. Landing in Calgary and attending UofC has been a great adventure for me, this is because there is so much to do on campus, from food to sports and more, making my life easy when I have to spend late long nights here. I feel this university has really put a lot of energy into developing me professionally and socially and I would like to return the favor. I joined GeogSA as the Events Coordinator so that other students in this Department can experience things outside of academia at UofC. My only wish is for them to have just as much fun as I have had and to make great connections and friends.

To consult the minutes of the general assembly meeting please click here.