University of Calgary

Brian Moorman

  • Professor

Research Interests:

Permafrost and glacial hydrology are Brian's main research interests. He works extensively in the Canadian Arctic, using geophysical, remote sensing and geochemical techniques to study massive ground ice, hydrology, and terrain stability. He is currently working on modelling ground movement of glaciers and permafrost terrain, exploring permafrost-ocean interactions and characterizing ground ice distribution and preservation.


Brian Moorman is a professor in the Department of Geography. He came to the University of Calgary in 1996 as the founding Director of the Earth Science Program, joint appointed in the Departments of Geography and Geoscience. He has since gone on to be the Head of the Department of Geography and is currently the Associate Dean of Research and Infrastructure in the Faculty of Arts.

Recent Publications

Wainstein, P., Moorman, B.J. and Whitehead, K., 2014. 'Glacial conditions that contribute to the regeneration of Fountain Glacier proglacier icing, Bylot Island, Canada.' Hydrological Processes 28, 2749-2760.  Click for PDF.

Whitehead, K. Moorman, B.J. and C.H. Hugenholtz, 2013. Low-cost, on-demand aerial photogrammetry for glaciological measurement. The Cryosphere 7, 1879-1884.  Click for PDF.

Hugenholtz, C.H., Whitehead, K. Brown, O. Barchyn, T.E., Moorman, B.J., LeClair, A. Riddell, K. and T. Hamilton, 2013. Geomorphological mapping with a small unmmaned aircraft system (sUAS): Feature detection and accuracy assessment of a photogrammetrically-derived digital terrain model. Geomorphology 194, 16-24.  Click for PDF.

Meulendyk, T., Moorman, B.J., Andrews, T. an MacKay, G. 2012. 'Morphology and development of ice patches in Northwest Territories, Canada.' Arctic 65, 43-58. Click for PDF

Galloway, J., Adamczewski, J., Schock, D., Andrews, T., MacKay, G., Bowyer, V., Meulendyk, T., Moorman, B.J., Kutz, S. 2012. 'Diet and habitat of mountain woodland caribou inferred from dung preserved in 5000-year-old alpine ice in the Selwyn Mountains, Northwest Territories, Canada.' Arctic 65, 59-79.  Click for PDF.

Hugenholtz, C.H., Moorman, B.J., Riddell, K. and K. Whitehead, 2012. Small unmmanned aircraft systems for remote sensing and earth science research. EOS, vol. 93, pp. 236-237.

IrvineFynn, T.,  Hodson, A., Moorman, B.J., Vatne, G., Hubbard, A. 2011.  'Polythermal glacier hydrology: a review.' Reviews of Geophysics 49, .Click for PDF.

Stevens, C.W., Moorman, B.J., Solomon, S.M., 2010. Interannual changes in seasonal ground freezing and near-surface heat flow beneath bottom-fast ice in the near-shore zone, Mackenzie Delta, NWT, Canada. Permafrost and Periglacial Processes 21, 256-270. Click for PDF.

Stevens, C.W., Moorman, B.J., Solomon, S.M., 2010. Modeling ground thermal conditions and the limit of permafrost within the nearshore zone of the Mackenzie Delta, Canada. Journal of Geophysical Research 115, F04027. Click for PDF.



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