University of Calgary

Chris Hugenholtz

  • Associate Professor

Active Research

Mobile methane sensing analytics; Drone-based emission sensing; Mobile anemometry; Planetary surface processes; Dust emissions; 3D Geovisualization; Drone-based 3D mapping

Currently Teaching

 W2018 - GEOG 407 - Wind Science
LEC 1MWF 14:00 - 14:50
EDC 156
 W2018 - GEOG 681 - Geographic Information Systems Project:Theoretical Issues
 W2018 - GEOG 683 - Geographic Information Systems Project: Application
 W2018 - GEOG 699.47 - Seminar in the Philosophy and Nature of Physical Geography (Methane Emission Geodata)

Postdocs and Research Associates

Current: Thomas Barchyn, Steve Myshak, Marshall Staples

Former Postdocs: Drs. Peggy Desserud, Ken Whitehead


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