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Danilo Borja

  • Doctoral Student

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I completed a B.Sc in Geographical and Environmental Engineering at the Armed Forces University ESPE, Ecuador. My growing interest in exploring the world and further understanding the environmental impacts caused by extractive industries motivated me to undertake a M.Eng in Mineral Resources and Energy Engineering at Chonbuk National University (CBNU), South Korea. During my Master´s, I was a member of the COLINS laboratory at CBNU and a visiting student at CeBER and Hydrometallurgy research groups at the University of Capetown. During that time, I participated in various research projects related to bioremediation. I also have experience working with local communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon as a volunteer and as a professional geographer. 

Research interests


My current research focuses on understanding changes in conservation and resource extraction policies in Ecuador's Amazon.  For my Ph.D. project, I apply interdisciplinary approaches that combine political ecology and geospatial methods.

Research group

Environmental Governance Research Group led by Dr. Conny Davidsen


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  Borja D., Davidsen C. New Talk about Yasuní: Public Consultation and Prospects. Latin American Research Centre, University of Calgary. (2018). 

 Nguyen, K A., Borja, D., You, J., Hong, G., Jung , H., Kim, H. Hyunjung Kim. 2018. Chalcopyrite Bioleaching Using Adapted Mesophilic Microorganisms: Effects of temperature, pulp density, and initial ferrous concentrations. Materials Transactions. 59 (11); 1860-1866. 

 Ngoma, E., Borja, D., Smart, M., Shaik, K., Kim, H., Petersen, J., & Harrison, S. T. L. (2018). Bioleaching of arsenopyrite from Janggun mine tailings (South Korea) using an adapted mixed mesophilic culture. Hydrometallurgy, 181, 21-28. 

Silva, R. A., Borja, D., Hwang, G., Hong, G., Gupta, V., Yahui, Z., & Kim, H. 2017. Analysis of the Effects of Natural Organic Matter in Zinc Beneficiation. Journal of Cleaner Production, 168, 814-822. 

 Ngoma, E., Shaik, K., Borja, D., Smart, M., Park, J. H., Kim, H., Petersen, J. Harrison, S. T. L. 2017. Investigating the Bioleaching of an Arsenic Mine Tailing Using a Mixed Mesophilic Culture. Solid State Phenomena, 262, 668–672.

 Borja, D., Nguyen, K A., Silva, R. A., Park, J. H., Gupta, V., & Kim, H. 2016. Experiences and future challenges of Bioleaching Research in South Korea. Minerals. 6(4), 1-28.

 Borja, D., Lee, E., Silva, R. A., Kim, H., Park, J. H., & Kim, H. 2015. Column Bioleaching of Arsenic from Mine Tailings Using a Mixed Acidophilic Culture: A Technical Feasibility Assessment. Journal of the Korean Institute of Resources Recycling, 24(6), 69-77.

Awards and honors

University of Calgary Silver Anniversary Graduate Fellowship Scholarship, 2019-2021

Nathoo Family Graduate Scholarship, 2019-2020

Canadian Federation of University Women/Calgary Graduate Scholarship, 2018-2019

Eyes High International Doctoral Scholarship, 2018-2019

Brain Korea 21 Plus Scholarship, 2016-2017

Chonbuk National University Scholarship, 2015-2017

Editorial Activities

Núcleo de Estudos, Pesquisas e Projetos de Reforma Agrária (NERA), Brazil- Scientific board member (2019-Present)

Revista de Ciencias de Seguridad y Defensa, Ecuador - Editorial board member (2018-present) 


Current Studies

  • Doctoral Student
    Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
    Supervisor: Conny Davidsen
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