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Elena Favaro

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Research Focuses

Planetary Geomorphology

Aeolian Geomorphology

Sediment Transport

Photogrammetry and 3D Modelling

Research Interests

I am an aeolian geomorphologist, reseraching bedrock abrasion and bedform evolution on Earth and Mars. My field work is undertaken in the high altitude arid deserts of Northwestern Argentina, where the landscape is dominated by egnimatic landforms and bedforms common to Mars, like yardangs, aeolian rat tails, periodic bedrock ridges, and megaripples. The goal of my research is to relate the processes and mechanisms by which these and other landforms are initiated, develop, and evolve on Earth to better understand how geomorphologically similar landforms on Mars develop. 

I use a number of different methologies and programs in my reserach, including modelling (R, python, Excel, Blender, Meshlab), remote sensing and digital elevation models (ArcGIS, ArcGIS Pro, ArcScene, ENVI, eCognition, ERDAS Imagine for use with high-resolution satellite imagery), field work, and labratory analysis (liquid seperations, instruments such as the CAMSIZER). 

I am also interested in developing new teaching methodologies for geography and geoscience education. One such methodology is the development of tangible 3D models in educational pursuits. A 3D model can be a dimensionless representation of a feature or landscape, or a scaled model used in the creation of workable data. If you would like to learn more about 3D modelling, its benefits, methodologies, and workflow, check out my video



Favaro, E.A., Hugenholtz, C.H., Barchyn, T.E. (2017). Evolution and diagnostic utility of aeolian I rat-tails: A new type of abrasion feature on Earth and Mars. Aeolian Research, 28, 91-98. 

Bonnaventure, P., Lamoureux, S.F., & Favaro, E.A. (2016). Over-Winter Channel Bed Temperature Regimes Generated by Contrasting Snow Accumulation in a High Arctic River. Permafrost and Periglacial Processes, DOI: 10.1002/ppp.1902

Hugenholtz, C.H., Barchyn, T.E., & Favaro, E.A. (2015). Formation of periodic bedrock ridges on Earth. Aeolian Reserach, 18, 135-144.

Favaro, E.A. & Lamoureux, S.F. (2015). Downstream Patterns of Suspended Sediment Transport in a High Arctic River Influenced by Permafrost Disturbance and Recent Climate Change. Geomorphology, 246, 359-369.

Favaro, E.A. & Lamoureux, S.F. (2014). Antecedent controls on late season sediment delivery in a High Arctic Catchment. Geografiska Analer. Series A, Physical Geography.

Lamoureux, S.F., Lafernière, M.J., & Favaro, E.A. (2014). Sediment erosion impact and recovery following localized slope disturbances. Geophysical Research Letters, 41 (15), 5499-5505.

Percy, J.R., Favaro, E.A., Glasheen, J., Ho, B., Sato, H. (2008). Period Changes in pulsating red supergiant stars: A science and education project. JAAVSO, 36.

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