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Gwendolyn Blue

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Biography and Research Interests


Gwendolyn Blue is an Associate Professor in Geography with appointments in the Faculty of Science Natural Science interdisciplinary program. Before joining the Department of Geography in 2011, she was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication and Culture at the University of Calgary, and an instructor at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and Elon University. Formally trained in the field of Cultural Studies, she conducts research in three interconnected areas: 1) public controversies involving science and technology; 2) public engagement with science and technology; and 3) political, cultural and ethical dimensions of scientific and technological innovations. Her research draws on post-structuralist traditions in science and technology studies (STS) and political ecology, and has examined the politics surrounding BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy), local food, climate change, wildlife management and more recently, genomic applications for environmental issues. She is currently a collaborator on a SSHRC funded project examining Alberta and British Columbia’s climate policies and a Genome Canada funded project exploring the social and policy dimensions of genomic applications for climate change adaptation in forestry (GE3LS).

For more comprehensive overview of research, see ORCID 0000-0003-3510-3248




Select publications


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