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Miriam Grant

  • Adjunct Professor

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Not currently teaching any courses.


Miriam Grant joined the Geography Department in 1991. She has worked and researched in Southern Africa for 28 years. She completed a 6 year term as Associate Dean in the Faculty of Graduate Studies in December, 2004 and is currently Associate Dean Research in the Faculty of Arts. She has served as Secretary- Treasurer for the Canadian Association of African Studies (CAAS) since 1997. Recent Honours: Distinguished Service Award, CAAS (2010); Appointed Advisory Board Member, International African Public Policy Research Centre (APPRC) (2009); Distinguished Research Award, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Calgary (2006);  Appointed Member, International Advisory Board, Geographical Council of Zimbabwe (2006)

Current Research:

HIV/AIDS, Migration and Urban Food Security in Southern and Eastern Africa; Social and Economic vulnerability of Youth in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe; Lodging, migration and multiple modes of livelihood in Zimbabwe; the rise of the African elite in Bulawayo, 1953-1980; social gendered dimensions of HIV/AIDS

Recent Publications

Tiessen, R., Parapart, J. and Grant, M., eds., 2010. Gender, HIV and Human Security. Canadian Journal of African Studies, 44 (3).

Tiessen, R., J. Parapart and Grant, M., 2010. Gender, HIV/AIDS and Human Security in Africa. Canadian Journal of African Studies, Special Edition on Gender, HIV and Human Security, 44 (3), 449-456.

Grant, M. and Parapart, J., 2010. Gender and Home-Based Care for HIV/AIDS and TB Patients in Rural and Urban Zimbabwe. Canadian Journal of African Studies, Special Edition on Gender, HIV and Human Security, 44 (3), 503-523.

Yembilah Barre, R., Grant, M. and Draper, D., 2009. The Role of Taboos in Conversation of Sacred Groves in Ghana's Tallensi-Nabdam District. Social and Cultural Geography, 10 (1), 25-39.

Bhandari, B. and Grant, M., 2009. Strategic Gender Needs: The Missing Element in Water Supply Projects of Nepal. Journal of Rural Development, 28 (2), 199-207.

Bhandari, B., and Grant, M., 2007. Land Use and Population Dynamics in the Kalikhola Watershed of Nepal. Journal of Rural and Community Development, 2, 100-109.

Christensen, J. and Grant, M., 2007. "Political change and Indigenous Knowledge in the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act". Arctic, 60 (2), 115-123.

Grant, M., 2007. "Lodging as a Migrant Economic Strategy in Urban Zimbabwe". Special Issue of Development Southern Africa, 24 (1), 77-90.

Bhandari, B. and Grant, M., 2007. "User's Satisfaction and Sustainability of Drinking Water Schemes in Rural Communities of Nepal". Sustainability: Science, Practice & Policy, 3 (1), 1-9.

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