University of Calgary

Victoria Fast

  • Associate Professor

Research Profile

Hi! I’m Dr. Victoria Fast, an associate professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Calgary. My field of research is broadly urban GIS, an interdisciplinary mix of geographic information science (GISci), human geography, and urban studies. 

I have specialized knowledge of spatial data, mapping, modelling, analysis and geovisualization, participatory GIS and volunteered geographic information fields within GISci. I apply that knowledge to study—and advocate for—urban and pedestrian environments that are vibrant, safe, and inclusive of people with disabilities. This includes mapping, modelling and analyzing: sidewalk condition, urban and building accessibility, urban density, pedestrian collisions, accessible mobility, and active transit.

My research is driven by the goal of ensuring all individuals—and especially pedestrians and inclusive of people with disabilities—have just and sustainable access to the built and digital environment unrestricted by social, economic and cultural forces, such as income, gender, race, and disability.


*Please see google scholar for publications.


Edited Book

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