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GenderIT / GEWINN 2018: "Queering (Meta)data Ontologies"

A brief co-authored position piece conference proceedings entitled "Queering (Meta)data Ontologies", to be presented at the GenderIT conference in the fall of 2018. This piece was peer-reviewed. Find it here.

Nordic Geographers' Meeting 2017

Ryan Burns traveled to Sweden in June of 2017 to present preliminary findings at the Nordic Geographers' Meeting. The session was organized by Federico Cugurullo and Andrew Karvonen, and featured other talks by Byron Miller, Simon Joss / Matthew Cook, Liam Heaphy (Programmable Cities), and many others. Find his slides and the notes here.

2017 Canadian Open Data Summit Student Sponsorship

Grace Wark attended the 2017 Canadian Open Data Summit as part of a student sponsorship coordinated by the City of Calgary. This sponsorship concluded with a presentation and report on open data. Grace's report, "Open Data Publics", discussed issues surrounding the broad definition of the public intended to engage an open data portal, and made a proposal for improved civic engagement in open data through collaboration with local non-profit organizations. Find the slides here and the full report here.