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Publications - 2019


An Integrative, Thematic Approach to International Field Study Programs

Williams, Aaron in Out There Learning: Critical Reflections on Off-Campus Study Programs

Enhancing UAV–SfM 3D Model Accuracy in High-Relief Landscapes by Incorporating Oblique Images

Nesbit, Paul and Hugenholtz, Chris

Estimating melt onset over Arctic sea ice from time series multi-sensor Sentinel-1 and RADARSAT-2 backscatter

Howell, Stephen, Small, David, Christoph, Rohner, Mahmud, Mallik, Yackel, John and Brady, Michael

“Let the Private Sector Take Care of This”: The Philanthro-Capitalism of Digital Humanitarianism

Burns, Ryan in Graham, Mark Digital Economies at the Global Margins

New Frontiers of Philanthro-capitalism: Digital Technologies and Humanitarianism

Burns, Ryan

Snow Thickness Estimation on First-Year Sea Ice from Late Winter Spaceborne Scatterometer Backscatter Variance

Yackel, John, Geldsetzer, Torsten, Mahmud, Mallik Sezan, Nandan, Vishnu, Howell, Stephen, Scharien, Randall K. and Lam, Hoi Ming

When guesthouse meets home: The time-space of rural gentrification in southwest China

Zhao, Yawei
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